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Thread: proposed British Gay Marriage law angers Muslims

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    Default proposed British Gay Marriage law angers Muslims

    There is a new law that is looking to be passed before 2015 that will allow Same sex marriages to be carried out by religious institutions, but the Church is exempt from having this law being pushed on to them. This has lead to the Muslims calling out against this law and asking for the same "exemption".

    Muslim leaders have demanded the same legal exemptions as the Church of England in legislation to introduce gay marriages.

    The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), with more than 500 affiliated mosques, charities and schools, said it was "appalled" by "utterly discriminatory" legislation on gay marriage set out by the Government.

    The proposals would allow faith groups to conduct gay marriages but would ban the Church of England and the Church in Wales from doing so.

    "No-one in their right mind should accept such a discriminatory law," he said.

    "It should be amended to give exactly the same exemption to all the religions."

    The criticism from the MCB comes after the Church of England last week attacked the Government's lack of consultation over its gay marriage plans, saying senior ecclesiastical figures learned of them only when Mrs Miller announced them to Parliament.
    I wonder if this is a case of secularism/Capitalism imposing its way, or a method of pushing the acceptance of homosexuality as an accepted freedom, so if people want to get married to the same sex - then religion should not get in the way is this a method of forging boundaries between the freedoms and religion continuing the battle of ideas. This can also help push "interfaith" as both the church and the Muslims will be campaigning against this in the near future.

    One thing for sure it highlights the decadence and the decay in Capitalist societies and the lows mankind is being pushed into.

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    That is the end of the corrupt ideology (capitalism), and be assured that the
    world will continue in its decline and misery till the muslims establish the islamic state. If you reflect you will find that for a civilization to end, there
    must be a new civilization ready to take place, and the only new civilization which can take place of capitalism is the islamic civilization.
    Unfortunately the west understand this fact very well, but many muslims think that technological achievement is the epitome of civilization, in a way you cannot blame them because no body taught them the true meaning of civilization, they are learning now trough a process of trials and errors which is not the best way of learning, further more it is very slow.
    However the clear decline of capitalism may accelerate the process for the muslims.

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    Default Senior bishop calls for same sex union blessing services

    Looks like there is a push to have the church bless gay couples as civil partnerships, which further shows the weakening of the Church and how it doesnt really have much of an influence in the temporal and is now compromising on homosexuality. This is all being pushed under tolerance, justice, freedoms etc.
    One of the most senior bishops in the Church of England has called for it to offer blessing services for gay couples in civil partnerships.

    Bishop Jones, like the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, comes from the evangelical wing of the church, which has been at the forefront of maintaining a traditional line on issues such as gay marriage.
    But he said future historians would find it “extraordinary” that taking a strong line homosexuality is considered by many to be the “litmus test” of loyalty to true Christian teaching.
    He questioned whether the current prohibition was a Christian approach, asking whether it was tenable for the Church to “deny the blessing of God to that which is just” any longer.
    Liberals have long argued for the Established Church to offer religious blessings to couples forming civil partnerships but conservatives believe it would go against the teaching of the Bible Bishop Jones is by far the most senior figure to call for a radical rethink on the issue.

    “Over the years I have shared with you my thinking about how the Gospel of embrace may be felt by those who are gay.” He continued: “If the Church now recognises Civil Partnerships to be a just response to the needs of gay people then surely the Church now has to ask the question whether or not it can deny the blessing of God to that which is just.”
    But he stopped short of endorsing gay marriage, explaining: “I believe that there is a difference between heterosexual union and same gender intimacy and that it is appropriate to maintain that difference in the language we use.” Yet he added that historians in the 22nd Century would think it was extraordinary that “the litmus test of orthodoxy centred on whether or not one had a generous attitude to those who are gay.”
    Looks like the reformist within the church are pushing for a compromise and a change in position. This is similar to how the reformist are trying to weaken the idea of Islam so they can pass things as being Halal even though they are haram. These efforts from the Islamic reformist are only doomed to fail as their is always an opposition to batil. However if the church was to accept this, then the Muslims will be isolated again and the intellectual campaign against it will be stepped up claiming it is intolerant and does not meet the needs of the change etc.

    This further shows that demise, disgust and decline society has reached under capitalism as they are satisfying themselves like animals where they are stooping to new lows. Freedoms have no boundaries, May Allah (Swt) liberate mankind from the darkness it has fallen to without the light of Islam.

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