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Thread: Dajjal-the destruction of USA

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    Default Dajjal-the destruction of USA

    Hello assalamu alaikum my name is Muhammad Imran and I am from Bangladesh.Dont you think the great Dajjal has emerged in the world.Who else can be the great Dajjal than the USA the land of free sex,alcoholism,homosexuality,child mollestation and pornography.I am here mentioning some of the prophesies about the Dajjal.The Dajjal will be a fat demon here fat means capitalism.He will be a blind man that means his one eyed foreign policy of torturing the muslim people.His one leg will be crippled that means when imam mahdi will emerge he and the entire muslim world will impose a brutal sanction upon USA and the entire American economy will be crippled.Those people who will accept Dajjal's sexuality based heaven will be cast into God's hell and those people who will enter God's morality based heaven will be cast into Dajjal's hell.The problem with the muslim world was they took all those prophesies literally but they were some metaphors.Dajjal has also been mentioned in the Bible as the Antichrist and in the hindu religion as the Kali who will emerge in the kaliyuga or the last era.I have here some proposals to destroy america or the great Dajjal and restore the grand islamic chaliphate.I want to mention my proposals to destroy the great Dajjal and restore the islamic chaliphate to the topmost officials or the highest ranks of the Hizbut Tahrir by email I can not mention all those things here.Which is the email through which i can give my proposals to destroy the Dajjal and restore the islamic chaliphate to the topmost officials or the forum administrators of Hizbut Tahrir here is my email address sirajuddaula12@yahoo.com.It is too easy to wipe out United States of America
    because when the entire world will know that USA is the great Dajjal more than half of the american people will get mentaly retarded of brutal inferiority complex.The shia sunni problem can easily be solved by a grand debate among the islamic preachers.All the islamic freedom fighters like Al Qaeda and Taleban should be shown amnesty and we should bring them to the path of peace.When the American people will be sodomized by their own created frankenstine that great Dajjal then they will understand how it feels to create a homolord by those gay marriages.Let us fulfil the supremacy of the children of Adam and let us destroy the Dajjal once and for all.

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    What on earth????

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    Is this guy for real???!!!

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    Walaykum salam brother,

    We are flabbergasted by your post as it appears to be completely out of touch with reality, devoid of any understanding of the deen or common sense. It is ridiculous beyond words. For a start, a person with the most basic simplistic understanding of Islam would not seek to substantiate his claims by mentioning the prophecies of other religions- least of all Hinduism which as well as delving into the description of Kali and the arrival of Kalyug, also entails belief in the worship of monkeys and elephants and treating cows like our mothers.

    If it weren't for the fact that cultural nonsense and jahiliya has steeped sections of our Ummah up to the eyeballs in backwardness; we would've presumed that your post was a joke.

    We agree that successive American governments have been leading the American people (and trying to drag the rest of the world with them) towards a life that is more in tune with what shaytan wants. They are at war with Islam and need to be dealt with but what you're suggesting is several leagues beyond nonsense.

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    Salam Siraj,

    Please do not take offence to what the brothers and sister have posted, it would be good if you can respond to their points.

    I am to admit you do sound confused and if you want to clear up your understanding please engage in the discussion and we can work together to better our understanding inshallah.

    ps. I don't think its wise to put your email address on a public forum.

    Await your response.

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    Hello assalamu alaikum dont think Dajjal will be a fairy tale monster who will emerge in the last era and who will posess miraculous power.The entire american society has been represented as a great fat,blind ugly demon.The prophecies and signs about the Dajjal are only some metaphors.You have to decipher them by scientific reasoning.and dont disbelieve the other religions.Christianity,Hebrew,Hinduism all are true religions but got corrupted in the span of time,because of the uneducation of its followers and the interference of their priests.Isa never claimed devinity.The Hebrew religion got corrupted because of the concoctions of its priests.I believe all the Hindu avatars were prophets of God.The avatar Manu ( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manu_(Hinduism) ) is obviously Nooh.May be Ram and Krishna were also prophets of God.Buddha has clearly been mentioned in the Quran as Jul Kifal.And the last Hindu avatar of God Kalki avatar is no other than prophet Muhammad ( see http://ahmadsamantho.wordpress.com/2...muhammad-pbuh/ ).The hindu kings and priests entered idol worshipping in hinduism to make it easy for the hindu people as they can see it to save hinduism because after a long period of Buddhist rule of India Hinduism was on a verge of extinction.When the hindu priests prohibited the hindu people to slaughter cows to save the agriculture people started worshipping cows.God has mentioned in Quran He has sent messangers to every single nation.Many other religions got corrupted for the uneducation of the followers,for the interference of the priests and for not being correctly preserved and all their prophets became avatars or gods or deities or mythological figures.I am mentioning here all these things because you should not judge all the other religions with hatred.You should bring out the truth from the other religions by scientific research.So you should not neglect the prophecies about the Dajjal in the other religions.now i am going to present few more prophecies. * Bukhari-Dajjal will have a massive stock of food.those people who will not obey him he will starve them to death.-Obviously this means the American sanctions upon the muslim countries.America is doing all these things to continue its anti islamic crusade and just to protect israel. * from abu huraira in bukhari-In the forehead of dajjal it will be written kafer.Only the believers can read it but the disbelievers can not read it.-that means anyone can realize America has become an atheistic country but the unethical people can not understand it because their eyes will be blinded by the american atheism and pervertion only the pious people can understand it. * From Nuwas bin Saman in Muslim-Dajjal will command the minerals of the underground to come out in the surface and the minerals will come out and follow Dajjal.-This means America can extract minerals from the underground by their advanced,improvised and powerful machinary. * Bukhari-There will not be a place in Arabia which will not come under the dominance of Dajjal.-Obviously the entire Arab world has come under the foot of America politically,militarily or economically.Few days ago Libya had gone next is the turn of the Syrians.So if the most stupid man in the world can use his common sense he can realize America is the great Dajjal and you must be realistic about this The problem with the muslim world is we dont have a massive islamic super power to protect ourselves.When Hizbut Tahrir will restore the chaliphate what kind of society they can creat and what kind of world order they can bring? And what will be their political,economical and military strategy to the American empire.

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    Where Hinduism is concerned, the comparison is also drawn with Isa (as) that just as he was a Prophet sent by Allah (swt) with the truth yet the scriptures over time became corrupted and led to people worshipping him instead, so people draw a comparison saying maybe the original Krishna or whoever else were in fact trying to propagate the truth and it was the corruption of their scriptures and priests that caused them to twist their religion into polytheism. Zakir Naik often quotes lines from Vedas stating that there is only one God worthy of worship and there should be no partners associated in worship. This is stuff I've heard before. Btw I've also heard the same allegations made about Buddha- that he originally propagated views consistent with Islam but his followers corrupted those teachings over time.

    The most important thing to remember though is that the original followers of Isa (as) TESTIFIED THAT THEY WERE MUSLIMS! This is stated in the Quran that the true believers of the Prophet Isa (as) believed in Allah (swt) and became Muslims. We also know that the Christians of today who say they are followers of Isa (as) but worship him (astaghfirullah)- they are non Muslims, not true followers of Isa (as) and their scripture is not the word of Allah (swt). The injeel WAS from Allah (swt) but the bible we see today is not the word of Allah (swt).

    Likewise; even if one were to presume hyperthetically that it was possible for Krishna or whoever else to have propagated views that are consistent with Islam and may have even propagated Islam itself- but the bottom line is that now their followers are the mushrikeen and their scriptures are full of shirk so why bother to delve into the inferior thinking of Kufaar religions and the corrupted scriptures of other religions whilst the Quran and Sunnah is still with us?

    And finally: Allah (swt) has sent thousands upon thousands of Prophets (as) to this world, some of which we know about because they are named in the Quran and many of whom we don't know anything about because they have not been named or mentioned in our scriptures. When it comes to belief matters we believe in what is definite and the names of our Prophets (as) in the Quran is a definite matter but it is not our place to speculate regarding the indefinite matter of who the other Prophets are, what their names were, whether the origins of other religions began with Islamic Prophets or not. We simply don't know and to pretend to know or to use that pretense of knowledge as a foundation to build more speculation regarding religious matters is dangerous and can open the path to misguidance... I only mentioned the hyperthetical possibility regarding Krishna ONLY to highlight the fact that the Hindu religion is inherently based on falsehood and shirk and cannot be viewed as a source regardless of who Krishna (or Buddha if we use the other example) originally used to be- I was not trying to imply that Krishna was on the right path or anything like that.

    Yes we know America is corrupt and at war against Islam- nothing new there.

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    To be honest, I have heard these types of claims before and would have to admit that at one point was even interested in these kind of fantasies.

    The truth is that there is no daleel for what the brother has brought forward and is a complete work of fiction.

    ..... It used to sound good some time ago.... But now sounds truly ridiculous.
    "By Allah, I shall destroy the Romans and the friends of Satan with Khalid bin Al Walid."
    Caliph Abu Bakr. (633 A.D)

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    Default Dajjal-the destruction of america

    Salam fallujah sniper and sister neelu
    Obviously I agree with both of you, but I would like to mention this real story, when I visited India, I was sitting beside the taxi driver when I saw pictute which reminded me very much with Michael Jackson and beside him a picture of a woman. I asked the driver whose picture is that person, he told me lord chrishnan, and when I asked about the picture of the woman beside him, he told me his wife. I am very surprised that a muslim can consider even if very remotely that hinduism, is a possible religion. May Allah SWT guide those misguided to the right path.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sirajuddaula View Post
    and dont disbelieve the other religions.Christianity,Hebrew,Hinduism all are true religions but got corrupted in the span of time,because of the uneducation of its followers and the interference of their priests.Isa never claimed devinity.The Hebrew religion got corrupted because of the concoctions of its priests.I believe all the Hindu avatars were prophets of God.
    Firstly, as muslims, we have to have Imaan (belief) in the 6 articles, which are from revelation. The 6 articles are believing in Allah (swt), His books, Day of Judgement, Qada wal Qadr, the Angels, His messengers. The books that Allah (swt) has sent down are the bible, taurat, Quran and Zaboor. Each of these books were sent to different messengers to carry out the same message in telling their nation to worship one god, and obviously the seal of the prophets was the messenger (pbuh), who was sent to the whole of mankind with the deen (ideology) as a FINAL message, which is Islam.

    1) The famous hadith of Jibril (Gabriel), where he came to the Prophet, upon whom be peace, and asked him, ?What is iman (belief)??, and the Prophet, peace be upon him, replied:
    "Iman is to believe in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, the Day of Judgment and al-Qadr, the good of it and the evil of it." [Part of a longer hadith that can be found in Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and in the 40 Hadith of Imam an-Nawawi]
    2) Allah said,
    ﴿????? ??????? ????????? ??????????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??? ????????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????????﴾
    (Each one believes in Allah, His Angels, His Books, and His Messengers. (They say,) "We make no distinction between one another of His Messengers.'') (2:285)

    Tafsir of this ayah from Ibn Kathir:

    Therefore, each of the believers believes that Allah is the One and Only and the Sustainer, there is no deity worthy of worship except Him and there is no Lord except Him. The believers also believe in all Allah's Prophets and Messengers, in the Books that were revealed from heaven to the Messengers and Prophets, who are indeed the servants of Allah. Further, the believers do not differentiate between any of the Prophets, such as, believing in some of them and rejecting others. Rather, all of Allah's Prophets and Messengers are, to the believers, truthful, righteous, and they were each guided to the path of righteousness, even when some of them bring what abrogates the Law of some others by Allah's leave. Later on, the Law of Muhammad, the Final Prophet and Messenger from Allah, abrogated all the laws of the Prophets before him. So the Last Hour will commence while Muhammad's Law remains the only valid Law, and all the while a group of his Ummah will always be on the path of truth, apparent and dominant.

    So we need to establish, that everything that we need to BELIEVE in, should come from the Quran and Sunnah. The points you mentioned about believing in the Hindu religion is false, as this is totally a man-made religion. It does not come from the Quran nor has Allah (swt) sent down any books for this. If you still say that this is a religion that we need to believe in, then please provide evidence from the shariah sources.

    God has mentioned in Quran He has sent messangers to every single nation.Many other religions got corrupted for the uneducation of the followers,for the interference of the priests and for not being correctly preserved and all their prophets became avatars or gods or deities or mythological figures.
    Musa (as), Dawud (as) and Isa (as) were sent as messengers to each nation, and there are ayahs of the Quran to prove this point.

    1) The Torah, which was revealed to Prophet Moosaa (Moses) may Allaah exalt his mention.
    Allaah Says (what means): "Indeed, We sent down the Torah, in which was guidance and light. The prophets who submitted [to Allaah] judged by it for the Jews, as did the rabbis and scholars by that with which they were entrusted of the Scripture of Allaah, and they were witnesses thereto." [Quran 5:44]

    2) The Gospel, which Allaah revealed to Prophet 'Eesaa (Jesus) may Allaah exalt his mention.
    Allaah Says (what means): "?and We gave him ('Eesaa) the Gospel, in which was guidance and light and confirming that which preceded it of the Torah as guidance and instruction for the righteous." [Quran 5:46].

    3) The Zabur was revealed to Dawud (as) as Allaah mentions, 'And your Lord knows best all who are in the heavens and the earth. And indeed, We have preferred some of the Prophets above others, and to Dawud We gave the Zabur.' [Quran 17:55]

    Each time one of these books were sent down by Allah (swt) to the messengers, the people of that time had to follow these religions, until the messenger (pbuh) came with the final book which is the Quran as a source for muslims to use and an ideology of Islam to follow, so yes you are right, that the other religions have also been changed because the books have changed, however, the point still is that the final message for the people is to follow islam.

    I believe all the Hindu avatars were prophets of God
    Now, inorder for you to make a claim that the hindu avatars were prophets of god, you need to provide evidence from the Quran and Sunnah, not some unreliable websites.

    The reason why I mentioned the point about IMAAN was because this is your Islamic aqeedah. It is your belief which needs to be 100% based on evidence (quran and sunnah). When we talk about prophets and messengers, this is a concept which relates to our imaan. If you relate and confuse hindu avatars as prophets or gods, then there is a serious issue here. You need to firstly correct your understanding about what constitutes an islamic aqeedah. Once you establish what you need to BELIEVE in, and who the prophets and messengers were, the incorrect concepts of the falsehood of other religions will be destroyed in your mind.

    I think you should strengthen the understanding of your foundations first inshallah before you commence with the discussion about the dajjal and many other issues aswell.

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